Message from the CEO

GRI 102-14
2020 was a particularly challenging year. The pandemic of the new coronavirus required the company and its employees to make more efforts so that MRS operation could be maintained, while measures such as strict health protocols ensured safety for the teams to perform their activities. We fulfill our role as a company classified as an essential service, maintaining operations at a fast pace and delivering a high quality logistics service to customers and partners, without neglecting the health of our employees and, consequently, of the members of the communities where we are inserted.
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159,8 milhões

de toneladas transportadas

R$ 3,6 bilhões de receita liquida

+ de R$ 11

milhões investidos no combate à Covid-19


na estratégia e ações de ESG

20% dos

resíduos sólidos destinados para reciclagem

Índice de satisfação

dos colaboradores atingiu 87,6%

7 lives

realizadas sobre saúde fisíca mental e financeira

Doação de 17 mil cestas básicas em MG, RJ e SP

Doação de 1,5 mil testes de Covid-19


94 ideías implementadas

19 mil

vagões e 770 locomotivas para transporte de carga


às práticas de governança do CBGC subiu para 46%


metas ESG atreladas à remuneração variàvel aos executivos

1.600 km de malha ferroviária e 80 terminais íntermodais administrados

Aumento de

16.7% no numero de PcDs


de mulheres no quadro funcional (meta chegar a 30%)

Presença de 11.7%

de negros na organização


do 1º inventário de emissões GHG Protocolo


de energia consumida de fontes renováveis

Aliada do movimento LGBTIQ+

Mais de 220 mil horas de treinamento em 2020


mais pessoas imunizadas contra gripe

40 novas

rotas ferroviárias para transporte de Carga Geral


de satisfação dos clientes

159.8 million

tons transported

Net Revenues R$ 3.6 billion

Over R$ 11 million

invested to combat the virus


reinforcement of its strategy and actions

20% of

solid waste to recycling

Employee Satisfaction

index reached 87.6%

7 lives

about physical, mental and financial health were performed

17 thousand basic food basket donated in MG, RJ and SP

1.5 thousand Covid-19test donated


of 1,600 km km railway network and 80 intermodal terminals

19 thousand

wagons and 770 locomotives to tranport cargo


94 ideas implemented

ESG’s goals

is linked to executives’s variable remuneration

Increase 46% the adherence to governance practices from Brazilian Code of Corporate Governance


of 16.7% in number of PcDs


women presence of functional staff (the goal is to reach 30%)


presence afro-descendants in the organization

First emissions

inventory using GHG protocol published

70% energy

consumption from renewable source

Ally of the LGBTIQ+ movement

More than 220 thousand in training in 2020

32% more people

immunized against flu

40 new rail

routes for the transportation of General Cargo

85.7% of

customer satisfaction

Sustainability Rails

Relevant Topics


Preserving the environment and its natural resources and safeguarding the company’s sustainability is a conduct already consolidated at MRS. The company’s Operating License for the railroad network was renewed by IBAMA for eight years, a result of the commitment to conduct its activities based on a set of values that reflect high ethical standards, ensuring compliance with laws, applicable rules and other legal requirements, in order to preserve the environment and ensure a standard of excellence in the quality of its processes.


For MRS, Social Responsibility translates into the commitment to carry out its activities in with ethics and transparency. Thus, it seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of society, to remain in compliance with applicable laws and to be consistent with international standards. MRS policies, programs and actions aimed at external stakeholders (with emphasis on the communities located around the railroad) reinforce the Company’s responsibility linket to the impacts of its presence.


The governance structure of MRS comprises the Board of Directors and the Statutory Executive Office, which is supported by non-statutory officers. Although there are no statutory committees, MRS has financial, strategic, and sustainability committees, focused in assisting the Board of Directors in the resolutions related to these areas. As provided for in the bylaws, the company has an internal audit body (General Internal Audit and Risk Management), which reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company has no Audit Committee in place.