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Seeking to add increasing value to the business, in recent years MRS has increasingly sought to adapt its processes to the needs of its customers and, as a result, to expand its share in the General Cargo segment, in addition to the performance already consolidated in mining segment (ore, coal and coke). To this end, the company purchased specific wagons for General Cargo and continues to invest in building long-lasting relationships and offering sustainable logistical solutions, capable of generating predictability, safety and competitive prices with the Company’s unique quality. In 2020, over 40 new rail routes for the transportation of General Cargo were developed.

With the renewal of the concession agreement, investments in projects planned by MRS and under assessment by the Ministry of Infrastructure (Minfra), such as the construction of new intermodal hubs, the segregation of passenger train lines and freight trains (in sections of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo) and the improvement in rail access (to the Ports of Rio and Santos) will have a direct impact on the provision of logistical solutions for General Cargo customers.

The commercial teams provide customized service, seeking to understand customers’ needs and provide feasible and profitable logistics solutions.

As a result of these initiatives, MRS has been leveraging its own volume of general cargo, year after year. Despite all the challenges imposed by the pandemic, the Company reached a new record level for the category, with 8.8% growth.

MRS has a solid Satisfaction Survey process, with the aim of continuous improvement. Since 2017, it carries out an annual survey to monitor its performance, from the point of view of General Cargo customers, applied by the Sales Management area. With total exemption, this survey is carried out through in-depth and in-person interviews, except in 2020, in which it was conducted in the online environment, due to the pandemic. By means of a raffle carried out by the audit department, at least 10 customers are sampled, in three categories, classified according to the revenue generated for MRS.  In 2020, the result was an average of 85.7% of customer satisfaction, higher than in previous years (2019 and 2018), both with 79.7%.

The data callected through the survey give rise to an Importance X Satisfaction matrix in each of the surveyed parameters. From then on, a working group with Commercial and Operations areas is created to establish an action plan to mitigate the sensitive points identified.

In 2021, MRS expects to keep on identifying new opportunities and expand its customer portfolio, with a higher share in the General Cargo segment. For the coming years, one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken by the company is underway, focused on serving large agricultural volumes, in Pederneiras, in the countryside of São Paulo. In an area next to the Tietê River, the project includes the use of a waterway as part of the customer’s logistics.

Constant concern with Safety

A Safety is the main element of MRS’s operations. With this focus, it has several innovative initiatives to increase the customer’s reliability in the Company’s services, including:

CBTC (Communication-Based Train Control System): 1st cargo railway in the world using this technology. Learn more in Innovation and Technology;

Cargo Monitoring System: a platform that allows managing of transportation with tracking information, arrival forecast, queue positioning, transported cargo history and service scheduling through terminals, assisting in transport management and planning;

Videoanalytics with high resolution cameras: used to check the proper positioning of cargo in the wagons.

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